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  • Thank you for using COTTON in your high quality American-made cake strips. What a huge difference over POLYESTER, and that cheap VELCRO, that melts if you leave it exposed.  I really like the little clips you have and how I can connect your strips end-to-end to fit SQUARE and RECTANGULAR pans.  -Sarah Cogswell, Sand Point, Idaho.


  • My wife has been using your Magi-Cake Strips for years when baking layer cakes and they have always performed flawlessly, with moist level layers. However, I must tell you that they are an absolute MUST to bake a cheesecake. After many attempts to achieve a professional quality cheesecake, I kept coming up empty! On a lark, one day I tried your Magi-Cake Strips just to see what would happen. Presto! Your Magi-Cake Strips provided every benefit of baking in a water bath without the hassle. Also, I do like the new 'clasp' to secure the strips and I definately think it is an improvement. Keep up the great work! - Steve Stack, Home Baker in Tennessee.

  • The necessary "key" ingredient to the perfect cake at home. -Ron Ben-Israel.
  • Happy 40th Anniversary to Magi-Cake Strips.  We bake all occasion and wedding cakes in our licensed shop. We have been using Magi-Cake Strips since the late 1970's. Would not bake a cake without them!!! Thanks for keeping the MAGIC alive. - Nancy Chinnock, Custom Cake Design, Gaithersburg, MD. 
  • I used to use the Wilton brand of strips.  I heard about these on a blog.  I just got my 25 yard roll of MAGI-CAKE Strips!  They are FANTASTIC!  LOVE IT!  LOVE IT!  LOVE IT!   I was skeptical at first, but it really DOES what you say it will do!  My cakes come out all level. Like wow!  The Wilton brand doesn't even come close!  -Liza G:

Jul 19, 2024
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