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JT Products has been in business since 1976. Fed up with cakes that seemed to have a mind of their own, our domestic engineers were convinced there must be a way to make a cake behave. They were right!

Magi-Cake® Strips take the guesswork out of baking cakes.
Now, anyone can bake perfect cakes every time; and a perfectly level cake is half the battle when it comes to creating professional quality decoration.

Magi-Cake® Strips help retain moisture to your baked goods.
Since Magi-Cake® Strips were introduced to the market, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed creating perfectly level, moist, prize-winning cakes.

A world full of satisfied Magi-Cake® Strips users have joined the fun of creating THE PERFECT CAKE!

More than 1 million satisfied customers have used our product to produce prize-winning cakes all over the world.

  • Magi-Cake® Strips are being used throughout North America, and across the oceans to Europe and even Australia!
  • These are the same strips seen in The Cake Bible, Cooks Illustrated and in Reader's Digest "Tips & Hints to Make Life Easier"!
  • Tens of Thousands of satisfied customers have come back to order more of these unique strips.
  • Complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee!

Jun 15, 2024
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