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Now YOU can bake perfectly level, moist,
with Magi-Cake® Strips.

When a cake pan is wrapped with a moistened strip, the baking process is equalized to control the heat, so that the cake bakes evenly.

The aluminized fabric on the outside insulates the strip to retain moisture throughout the baking period, eliminating high-rise centers, cracked tops, and crusty edges.

Your cakes will always come out moist, level, bakery-perfect. Magi-Cake® allows you to frost and decorate with professional finesse.

Made of Cotton backed aluminum, Cotton threads, and Cotton muslin backing for years of durable, American-made quality. Hand Washable. Safe to 450 Degrees F.  Use on casseroles.

Overseas copy-cats use Polyester backed aluminum, Polyester threads and polyester blends inside.  POLYESTER becomes more brittle each time it is used in the oven, and can cause oven fires. 


Jun 15, 2024
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